Revel In New York

You’ve seen their videos on our website and books in our rooms. Now let us take you inside Scott Newman and Marc Santo’s newest edition of Revel In New York.

In what the NY Times calls “freewheeling” and “a unique way of exploring the city”, Revel offers an authentic and personal look at our city through the eyes of notable artists, architects, chefs and filmmakers. The pocket-size guidebook is not typical — along with interviews and full page pictorials each subject shares personal recommendations for where to go and what to do.

The newest edition, Vol III, features many interesting people including costume designer Christian Joy, nightclub promoter Todd Pendu, chef Marcus Samuelsson and legendary photographer/filmmaker Jerry Schatzberg. Recommendations span the whole city including the Williamsburg, Brooklyn beauty shop Miomia, Ubu Gallery on 59th St, Maysles Cinema in Harlem, and Omen in Soho, which Schatzberg calls “a Japanese Elaine’s with good food”.

With contributions by past Revel subjects including Rolling Stones and AC/DC tour photographer Michael Halsband (Vol II), famed designer Jim Walrod (Vol I) and chef and TV host Eddie Huang (Vol II), Revel is a must read for curious travelers and locals alike.